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At the closing on the first Jiggety Jig Indoor Farmers Market an official manoeuvre was executed the Piggity Jig, with fingers bent like little pig ears on our head and feet shuffling back and forth we all raised our chins and chuckled. Success! And even better, the atmosphere! Our first event was brilliant.

I have to admit I was a little worried, I hate those moments in life, the awkward, empty moments when things just don’t meet expectations. Thankfully from 9am Ballarat locals began to rock in to the Cattle Pavilion, armed with wheelie trolleys and purses filled with change ready to scoop up the freshest of our region’s Winter produce.

Thanks to all the stall holders for seeing our vision and participating. Our mission statement - A Super Market not The Supermarket! Ballarat Food and the Agriculture and Pastoral Society hope to build the Jiggety Jig into a one stop food shop destination. We would love to be able to gather the best seasonal ingredients and pantry staples. I have to admit, it is a great job managing the market and bringing together all the wonderful producers I have written about in my column In the Kitchen, and shared ingredients with at our local tables. If our locals could shop at our farmers market first and then fill the gaps with independent supermarkets we would be creating a huge difference to our region’s farmers, kitchen businesses, and the health of our families.

With all new projects there have been critics and fault finders. Many locals feel that we already have enough farmers markets operating in the immediate vicinity and that opening more will only take from the already established markets. But I challenge these individuals to help us to re-educate our shoppers. Ballarat’s estimated residential population was 100,283 in 2014. Surely we have the population to support and frequent one farmers market every weekend? We must commit to backing our farmers and producers every weekend, not just one a month. We all need to put much thought into the way we manage our homes and our weekly menu and budget. $80 spent on quality fresh ingredient per week, food that will last 8 days or longer. Plan ahead, make lists, a couple of soups every week, a pot full of ragu, and a Sunday roast will get you through lunches and a quick meal ready to go when you are on the hop.

School lunches from the local markets too. Erin The sultana girl has the vitamin C covered with the juiciest organic oranges and sensational chewy sultanas. Drewslie Muesli have delicious home made cookies and anyone can whip up a slab of muesli slice. Country style Smallgoods ham and bacon to fill tasty Basilio sourdough bread. We even have gluten free and foodmap options covered.

We would love to be the catalyst to get people changing habits, make the changes in your life that will have you and your families glowing with health by the start of Spring. Food is something we all have in common and in a world with so many uncertainties, it may be the one thing we can actually control.

The Jiggety Part Two is looking bigger than Texas. We have a sausage making demo with Tarna Valley pork and Sebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods. Jodie and I will be cooking up the sausages while the boys make them before our eyes. We will be selling these tasty snags on Basilio Sour dough with caramelized onion and tomato ketchup from the Preservers Pot $5.00 each.

Kathy my favourite spice girl and everyone favourite queen of curries will be cooking up Butter Chicken, Murkha Dal that’s her sensational lentil curry, Aloo Gobi Matar, that’s potato, cauli and peas and Palak Paneer, a homemade Indian soft cheese served with spinach. All Kathy’s dishes are served with fluffy basmati rice. If that’s wasn’t enough to warm everyone into a trip to the Jiggety. Robyn and Alan from Granite Hills produce in Waubra will be cooking up duck eggs for brekkie and serving with hot crispy bacon from the Avoca butcher shop.

New Stall holders include Lightwood Farms Organic Potatoes, Pick and Grow your own herbs, Daryl’s Peanut Butter, organic oranges and sultanas from Erin the Sultana Girl. If you still need convincing we have mulled wine for sale, Glenda Maes from The Pomegranate Tree is brewing mulled wine infused with spiced blueberry from the Buningyoung Blueberry Farm and cinnamon. Her new season cordials like mandarin and pomegranate and old fashion lemon are a must for anyone who loves to make a cocktail or two.

Come and do the Jiggety Jig with us, we’ll be selling Basilio sourdough, and you can contact us to order Inglenook milk and cream for pick up. Sage ethical dry aged beef and lamb from Bannockburn, Brooklands Freerange Farm established in the volcanic soils of Blampied, will have grass feed Berkshire pork and Highland Beef. All the meat at our market is ethically raised. Mt Egerton produce will have purple and yellow carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and root veg that’s if the rain slows down enough for Peter and Carmen to get them all out of the ground. John from Yendon Tomatoes is bringing the last crop for the season. Charisma Coffee and the Bean Me Up team will support your coffee habit and for the sweet tooths banana fritters from Goldfields Treats and traditional fudge using Inglenook pure cream from Cornish Cream Fudge.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated than the old meat and three veg, we will be ticking that box too. Truffleberry Farms who have biodynamic truffle oil, truffle eggs and sensational local black truffles, and yellow box honey. Michael Unwin Wines, my favourite tipple the old One Goat Shiraz. Yes please! Red Rock olives and olive oil, a sensational gift for any authentic foodie and for the non-authentic foodies come and indulge in our one and only naughty splurge, a hot Jam donut. For me hot jam donuts take me back to my first ever visit to a market The Queen Victoria Market in the 70’s, I would whinge my bubble gum jeans off until Mum and Dad got me the bag of freshly cooked sugar coated goodness.


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Guest - chris on Friday, 17 July 2015 22:51

Loved the 1st market & excited about coming to the 2nd!! See you there

Loved the 1st market & excited about coming to the 2nd!! See you there
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