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The August Jiggety-Jig market, the final one for winter 2015 was good for us all. We had more new stall holders and a great show of support in the from of fresh food shoppers. I am always impressed when hanging up our jiggety shingles at ten to nine in the morning to see people already arriving baskets in hand to support their favourite local producers. It makes me smile and I am sure it makes our producers smile. 

A big THANKYOU to Damien Jones from Catfish Thai who walked us through one of his extremely tasty green curries. Download his recipe pdf CURRY OF PORK, CORN, THAI EGGPLANT & BASIL (416 KB).

ballaratfood damienandsuziDamien Jones from Catfish Thai and Suzi Fitzpatrick preparing an amazing green curry.

Here's some of our Jiggety regulars and some new local faces. Thanks also to Merryn for rocking up to provide some wonderful guitar and vocals for us to get our jig on. We are looking forward to our first Spring Jiggety-Jig on Saturday 18th September 2015 we'll have even more stall holders and lot's of beautiful food.

ballaratfood merrynMerryn provided the musical backdrop for August Jiggety

ballaratfood kittelty cakes

ballaratfood cakegirlsThe girls from Kittlety's and their fabulous sweet fare

ballaratfood basilio

ballaratfood heatherHeather selling the delicious range of fresh baked Basilio Sourdough


ballaratfood erin sultanagirlErin the Sultana Girl


 ballaratfood trishandalistairTrish and Alistair from Cornish Cream Fudge

ballaratfood chris macquetChris Macquet from Truffleberry Farms

ballaratfood jam assortment

ballaratfood preservers pot girlsMel and her Mum fro the Preserver's Pot

ballaratfood dukkah

ballaratfood goldfields treatsAndrea and Alex from Goldfield Treats

ballaratfood jonoJono from Brooklands Free Range Farm

ballaratfood glenda maesGlenda Maes from The Pomegranate Tree

ballaratfood kathy drewslieKathy Drewslie from Drewslie Muesli

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing locals producing some of the best quality food I have eaten. The quality of the air, land and water and in our region is perfect for growing a wide variety and an abundance of quality produce . I know I have at times taken it for granted, only after travelling to many other places around the world have I realised that we have access to the freshest produce of the highest quality at our doorstep. 

Time and money are the biggest factors determining the healthfulness of our diet while the price of food has been acknowledged as one of the primary barriers to many of us being able to maintain a healthy eating pattern, the variable of time has largely been overlooked.

The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association presented a paper this year in Naples called, Consumer Behaviour in a Changing World: Food, Culture, Society Consumer Behaviour in a Changing World: Food, Culture, Society. Based on a study measuring the frequency of grocery shopping with healthfulness, finding that higher shopping frequencies lead to more healthful food purchases.

The study found, time-short households may not travel long distances for shopping, shop less frequently, and spend less time shopping. Most of us are busy most of the time. Preparing tasty, healthy and nutritious meals from scratch takes time and energy, and so of course taking the car to load up for a big shop at the supermarket saves us money by buying in bulk and ensures we do not have to spend any further time gathering the food we want to eat. Our health is suffering as a result.

The study found that more frequent and smaller shops mean we tend to buy more healthful food. When we buy our food more frequently, it may take more time but we tend to see the associated benefit of extra excercise and thoughts about the food we gather. Rather than taking the car we might choose to walk and if we are going to carry what we are buying we are less likely to fall prey to mass food marketing and impulse buy processed food.

ballaratfood marketgoersThe Gardenologist

ballaratfood granitehillsproduceGranite Hills Produce

When we decided to create the Jiggety-Jig market it was largely driven by the desire to have a local produce market in Ballarat on every Saturday. We already have the first, second and fourth Saturdays very well catered for by the Smart Living market and the Bridge Mall market. At Ballarat Food we are committed to the idea that we all need to try and support local produce markets weekly. We have a lot of producers who are finding their products in high demand in Melbourne and beyond and while we understand this is the case, we really do have to wonder why local demand is not higher. 

Providing a regular local produce market will benefit our community. We have a fantastic base of regular shoppers who are already feeling and tasting the benefit of a weekly produce market shop and I know this base will continue to grow as we continue to hold Jiggety-Jigs we Ballarat locals will slowly make a cultural shift in the way they shop. 


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