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Ryan Pearce FedUniRyan Pearce from Federation University's Commercial Cookery School.

The second year apprentice students at Federation University have been churning out some incredible local pork products from Western Plains Pork. Seven pigs became fourteen halves, then primal and sub primal cuts. Pigs head terrine, and finally some very tasty sausages. “We have utilised all parts of these great local pigs.” says Ryan Pearce. “Including the bones and trotters for stock and even the skin went into the sausage. We double mince the skin and we made these sausages with all the best techniques.”

Actually this sausage making activity is extra curricular and Ryan together with 4 students chose to stay late and partake in this clandestine sausage making class.


Lucky us though, as a result of this sausage making endeavour foodies will be able to book a table at Prospects Restaurant at Federation University’s SMB Campus on July the 8th 12pm -1:30pm (bookings call 53278017) as a part of The Mystery Meat Lunch. I can’t tell you the rest of the menu its still a secret. You can check out the events at Prospects Restaurant on the Federation University website.

SUZI What did the local chefs make?

RYAN Classic English pork sausages and Southern American bbq style with  paprika, cayenne, mace and molasses.

SUZI What did you pop this great pork sausage mix into Ryan?

RYAN Natural intestines castings

SUZI Which rule the sausage world!

For now the sausages are air drying in the cool room and I must say they look amazing. I wish that opportunities to partake in local produce breakdowns and secret lunches had been part of the curriculum all those years ago when I was an apprentice at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne.

I do remember having the opportunity to go to the abattoir and I also remember taking a sickie that day, but hey at the time I was a 21 year old vegetarian with a peace love and mung beans attitude and purple Doc Martens. I’ll definitely be making up for all those meat free years on July 8. Nowadays I only practice #meatfreemonday and #farinaceousfriday.

Book a table and support the future of food in our region and these talented cooking students. Remember every time you say no to a parma you are giving a young chef the opportunity to learn to cook something amazing!


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