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On Sunday we will be showcasing some of our regions finest. We have entries from local sausage 'King Rob' at Midvale Quality Meats. We have crowd favourite John Harbour who is entering two sausages; a classic 'BBQ Style' and  'Blue Toulouse' a traditional French sausage. (Pronunciation:  too-LOOZ) This exquisite French sausage is usually made with pork, smoked bacon, wine, and garlic, it's a great sausage for a cassoulet. John adds ash in the traditional style to achieve the bluish colour. Salvatore the much loved local butcher in Ballan is going to surprise us on the day. Perhaps a cotechino. (Pronunciation: koh-TEH-kee-noh). This is a mild and fatty Italian pork sausage. The links should be pierced before cooking to allow some of the fat to drain out. Or perhaps he will supply his loukanika. (Pronunciation: loo-KAH-nih-kah) This spicy Greek sausage is made with lamb, pork, and orange rind. Andrew the butcher at 5 Mile Creek in Clunes will be entering his pork and fennel sausages, a little fatty with a flavour that’s hard to beat. From a little further down the road, Rob from Tuki Trout farm produces a very tasty and juicy little lamb chipolata. Rob will be competing against our Golden Chef Damian Jones in the Restaurant category. Damo will be vying for the title with his Smoked Thai pork sausage. Along with Spanish chefs Jose and Yamelly from the Meigas Spanish Café in Coliseum Walk, there had to be some Chorizo action. 

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